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December 27

Hour One: Galactic Wisdom Conference 2020 | QAnon
Hour Two: Emmanel Itier | Peru trip, 2020

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December 20

Hour One: Simon Parkes
Hour Two: Christmas show 2019 with special guests

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December 13

Hour One: Clean Water for the Hopi
Hour Two: Peru 2020 | Galactic Wisdom Conference 2020

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December 6

Hour One: Event updates | Marie Thorne-Thomsen
Hour Two: Marie Thorne-Thomsen | Ted on Chemtrails

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November 29

Hour One: Billie Woodard and Zorra from the Hollow Earth
Hour Two: Jason Armstrong | Matt Heines

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November 22

Hour One: James Redfield
Hour Two: Messages from JFK | Eric Raines

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November 15

Hour One: Simon Parkes
Hour Two: Marie Thorne-Thomsen | QAnon


November 8

Hour One: Christine Light | Marie Thorne-Thomsen
Hour Two: Marie Thorne-Thomsen | Tom Paladino


November 1

Hour One: Simon Parkes
Hour Two: Sixth Anniversary Show


October 18

Hour One: Broadcasting live from Mt. Shasta
Hour Two: QAnon

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October 18

Hour One: Simon Parkes
Hour Two: James Redfield

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October 11

Hour One: Dr. Pratap Midha
Hour Two: Mt Shasta October trip | Sister Sheilu

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10 thoughts on “Show Podcasts

  1. Frances Jones

    Thanks to you for letting us listen to you and Simon Parkes. I love to listen to you both!
    Much peace,

  2. Diane

    Thank you so much for the wonderful discussion between you and Simon Parkes.
    Great chemistry, lovely,
    and the time flew!

  3. Jean Canale

    Thoroughly enjoyed your recent interview with Lori Spagna. The Simon Parks and David Icke interviews also were so interesting. Thanks so
    Much for your work!


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