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September 14

Hour One: Mary Liz Murphy
Hour Two: Miracles from Mt. Shasta

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September 7

Hour One: Simon Parkes
Hour Two: Live from Mt. Shasta Spiritual Trip

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August 31

Hour One: Gerald Pollack
Hour Two: Clean Water for Children : Cliffornd Mahooty

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August 24

David Adair

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August 17

Hour One: Simon Parkes
Hour Two: Bryan Tilghman





12 thoughts on “Recent Podcasts

  1. Frances Jones

    Thanks to you for letting us listen to you and Simon Parkes. I love to listen to you both!
    Much peace,

  2. Diane

    Thank you so much for the wonderful discussion between you and Simon Parkes.
    Great chemistry, lovely,
    and the time flew!

  3. Jean Canale

    Thoroughly enjoyed your recent interview with Lori Spagna. The Simon Parks and David Icke interviews also were so interesting. Thanks so
    Much for your work!

  4. Bjarne

    Thank you Ted
    Is it possible to write down the name of Tom Paladino`s projekt, here on your site?
    Love your show!

  5. Eddy

    Can the webmaster set up an automatic email notice when new podcasts are posted on the site?
    Thank you.

    1. otw1150 Post author

      Hi Eddy, thanks for listening! At this time, we do not have an automatic email notice for our listeners, but the podcasts are generally posted within 48 hours and are also available for download on this page only.


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