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July 19

Hour One: Dresden Cosmic Awareness Conference
Hour Two: Mt. Shasta trip, 2019 | QAnon (approx. 30:00)

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July 12

Hour One: Simon Fox & Joe St. Clair
Hour Two: Spiritual Trip To Mt ShastaRebecca Campbell (beginning apprx. 14:40)

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July 5

Hour One: Simon Parkes
Hour Two: 2019 Mt. Shasta Spiritual trip

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June 28

Hour One: Brian Josephson| BK Shivani and Maureen and Rachael (18:20)
Hour Two: Yves Ruhlmann | Jennifer Star Luangrath (12:40)

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June 21

Hour One: Simon Parkes
Hour Two: Peter Thompson

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June 14

Hour One: Ted – Messages From the Masters | Angela Light
Hour Two: Emma Louise Livingsoul and Chrysilla Lewies

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June 7

Hour One: Simon Parkes
Hour Two: James Redfield

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12 thoughts on “Recent Podcasts

  1. Frances Jones

    Thanks to you for letting us listen to you and Simon Parkes. I love to listen to you both!
    Much peace,

  2. Diane

    Thank you so much for the wonderful discussion between you and Simon Parkes.
    Great chemistry, lovely,
    and the time flew!

  3. Jean Canale

    Thoroughly enjoyed your recent interview with Lori Spagna. The Simon Parks and David Icke interviews also were so interesting. Thanks so
    Much for your work!

  4. Meg Wiley

    Hi All,
    This is s msg for the admin. The date is incorrect for the Ted Mahr show that was the interview with Simon Parkes and the week of the Mt Shasta trip. It is listen as June 28 and the correct date is July 5th.


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