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April 19

Hour One: Hopi Elder Ernest Tahoe  |  Nassim Haramein (part 1)
Hour Two: Mikael Lund and Pat Dongvillo

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April 12

Broadcasting live from the 5th Annual Galactic Wisdom Conference

Hours One and Two:

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April 5

Hour One: Simon Parkes
Hour Two: 2019 Galactic Wisdom Conference

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March 29

Hour One: 2019 Galactic Wisdom Conference | Tom Paladino
Hour Two: Judy Cali

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March 22

Hour One: Galactic Wisdom Conference 2019 | Guiseppe Vitiello
Hour Two: Water for the HopiSarah Jeane Sibli

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March 15

Hour One: Simon Parkes
Hour Two: Prayers for Fukushima | Galactic Wisdom Conference

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March 8

Hour One: Erin Elizabeth with Karen Kain and Robert Snee
Hour Two: Michiko Hayashi | Jimmy Church

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March 1

Hour One: Simon Parkes
Hour Two: Erin Elizabeth

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10 thoughts on “Recent Podcasts

  1. Frances Jones

    Thanks to you for letting us listen to you and Simon Parkes. I love to listen to you both!
    Much peace,

  2. Diane

    Thank you so much for the wonderful discussion between you and Simon Parkes.
    Great chemistry, lovely,
    and the time flew!

  3. Jean Canale

    Thoroughly enjoyed your recent interview with Lori Spagna. The Simon Parks and David Icke interviews also were so interesting. Thanks so
    Much for your work!


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