Col. Billie Faye Woodard

woodard_640x480Col. Billie Faye Woodard (ret.) and his twin sister, Zuria, were born in the Inner Earth, and brought to the outer Earth on September 18, 1951. They were both born with exceptional abilities, including the ability to speak an ancient Lemurian language. Both Billie and his sister were born with both male and female organs, and were hermaphrodites, but over the years Billie has become more masculine and today he has become very strong and speaks with a masculine voice.

His exceptional abilities and intelligence led him to a rapid rise in the military, and during the late 1960s, he rose to the rank of Colonel, and became the base commander of Area 51. During his time there, he took a shuttle craft from the base to visit his parents in the Inner Earth. He is in touch with his parents now and visits the Inner Earth frequently.

zorraIn these interviews, I talk with Billie Faye and his father Zorra from the Hollow Earth, who speaks through Billie. Zorra gives important messages to humanity from the Inner Earth and the beautiful bright future for all of us!



September 27, 2019


August 23, 2019 (last 30 minutes)


February 1, 2019


December 14, 2018


November 9, 2018


October 5, 2018 (starting 14:30)


July 13, 2018


November 10, 2017


August 25, 2017


February 3, 2017


October 21, 2016


September 16, 2016


May 27, 2016


May 20, 2016 (hour one begins around 25:30; hour two is approximately first 12 minutes)


April 8, 2016


April 1, 2016