Galactic Wisdom Conference, 2020

6th Annual Galactic Wisdom Conference
When: March 13-15, 2020
Where: Harmony Hall at 9101 Steilacoom Road SE, Olympia Washington 98513
Cost: $197 (or $100 a day)

March 20

Watch the entire conference from Crowdcast for only $50! Although my conference was on March 13 – 15, 2020 in Olympia, Washington, you can now still watch the entire conference for only $50 at:

Listen to the fascinating presentations by: Simon Parkes from England (famous ET contactee from England), Famous water professor Dr. Gerald Pollack of the University of Washington who discovered the 4th Phase of Water, James Redfield (the author of the Celestine Prophecy), Alice Collier, the famous contactee from the Andromedian Galaxy, Michiko Hayashi of the Emoto Peace Project, Zorra and Billie Woodard from the Hollow Earth, famous French Hollywood Emmanuel Itier spiritual movie director, spiritual healer Eric Raines, Scalar Energy healer Tom Paladino, Ted Mahr and Jason Armstrong with messages from Adama and the Hollow Earth at Mt. Shasta, Bob Satiacum (Puyallup Native American Elder on the importance of water), Carolyn White (Psychic and Aura reader), and many other wonderful people!

Show replay: Hour shared with Clifford Mahooty

March 13:  Broadcasting live from the Galactic Wisdom Conference

Hour One: Live from the Galactic Wisdom Conference
Hour Two: Live from the Galactic Wisdom Conference

March 6: Ted’s show was dedicated to his Galactic Wisdom with some of the guests who will be presenting. Please enjoy this show!

Hour One: Galactic Wisdom Conference 2020
Hour Two: Galactic Wisdom Conference 2020

Speakers will include some famous healers, psychics, and UFO people, including: Alex Collier (Famous Andromeda Galaxy contactee), Dr. Gerry Pollack (famous water scientist who discovered the 4th Phase of water), Michiko Hayashi (Hado water healer with Emoto Peace Project), Rex Bear (The Leak Project), James Redfield (author of the famous spiritual book, The Celestine Prophecy), Tom Paladino (Famous Scalar Energy Healer), Billie Woodard and Zorra from the Hollow Earth, and Carolyn White (psychic and aura reader), as well as myself and others.

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