Messages From the Masters

Payments for services or goods listed below are in U.S. Dollars (Canadian Dollars at par), and credit/debit cards. Payments may be mailed directly to:  Ted Mahr, P.O. Box 5331, Lacey, Washington 98509-5331. Paypal may also be used, payable to Please see below for additional processing fees.

  • Messages From the Masters: If you would like to order my book, Messages from the Masters, the cost is $20 or $21 through Paypal. My book contains messages from Albert Einstein, Nostradamus, President Kennedy, and many other great spirits on our bright, beautiful future! It contains messages which they all wanted me to give to humanity. The cost includes a free 10 minute psychic reading and free postage within the United States. My second book, Journey to the Other Side: Talking to Angels and Other Benevolent Beings, will be published in Munich Germany later this year in both England and in German. 
  • Hiroshima Peace Stick: I have Hiroshima Peace sticks for the Peace Memorial for a donation of $6. The sticks are in Japanese and people use the sticks to write prayers for world peace, after which the sticks are sent to Hiroshima where they are used in peace ceremonies. The hope is that there will never be any nuclear war again where these destructive bombs are used against humanity.
  • 528 Hz Tuning Fork with Lemurian Love Crystal: This tuning fork includes a special Lemurian crystal from Mt. Shasta that is infused with lots of love and light from the people of Telos and the Lemurians.  When you hit the crystal on the tuning fork, you will be spreading love everywhere! The tuning fork is $60 USD (or $70 overseas) and the cost includes free postage for both U.S. and overseas addresses.
  • Emoto Peace Project: I am on the board of directors for the nonprofit children’s charity, The Emoto Peace Project, with Michiko Hayashi and Carolyn White. We distribute children’s books worldwide which teach children love and gratitude, so when they are adults, they will create a much better and happier world. For a copy of the EPP Messages from Water children’s book, please email me at or Michiko at
  • Food and Clean Water for the Hopi Indians: I also fund raise for food and clean water for the Hopi Indians in Arizona. For decades, the Hopi (and Navajo) have been drinking arsenic and radiation contaminated water that has caused cancer and hurt many people. But for only $125, you can buy a clean water filter for the Hopi and Navajo Indians which will provide clean water for a family for many years. Because food supplies have been restricted from the virus, many Hopi are without an adequate food supply. I have been collecting money to buy food and supplies for the Hopi. If you would like to donate either clean water and/or food, please email me at: or call me at 509 750-9793.