Marie Thorne-Thomsen

Marie’s contact with the Pleadians began by reading Bringers of the Dawn by Barbara Marciniak in 1994. In her own words:

“After completing the book within hours I experienced my first Close Encounter. I saw a huge physical ship no more than 30 meters away, 30 meters above and at least 300 meters in diameter. I freaked out, ran away and asked them to leave me alone. After processing the experience, I realized I might have overreacted out of fear and I asked them to return again. They said no.

“Then, on December 21, 2018 they were back in physical form. Showing up during the day, the night and at every moment’s thought. I started taking photos and videos with my phone then was prompted to use my good Canon with a 300mm lens. I did and the images are incredible. I have all the physical proof I need at this time and am now trying to cultivate a dialog of communication.

“Since the beginning it has been telepathic. As humans, we are always questioning this so I am constantly questioning myself and my thoughts and learning how to discern and “hear” them better and more clearly. With a little guidance and validation from Peter Maxwell Slattery I learned 2 names. Makeda, a Pleadian man and Tomeka, an 8th density Orion. There are also some Golden beings that are always in company as well.

“I have had dreams beyond dreams with them validating the realness of this multidimensional reality and expanding my mind and consciousness beyond words. I hope and pray that this is the beginning of a relationship that will take us all into our highest and best selves both collectively and individually and that we can finally overcome this illusion and suppression and negativity that has encapsulated our beautiful Earth and our own mind, body and soul complexes since time as we know it. In love and light we will thrive.”

Her email is:

November 8, 2019 (first mp3 starting around 40:15, part two continued on the second mp3)