2022 Show Podcasts

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May 16

May 14

May 14

May 9  (BBS German)

Ted and Carolyn White discuss upcoming food shortages and the new Biden Department of Truth. |Audio only

May 7

May 2  (BBS German)

Food shortages coming and Life aboard a Pleiadean Mother Ship; Live interview with Anthony Federoko and Ted. | Audio only

April 25

April 23 (BBS Radio Spanish)

with Ted Mahr and guests Dr. Michelle Peal, ND and Leon McLaughlin from the Clean Water Foundation of WA |Audio only

April 23

April 18 (BBS German)

Guest, Suzy Ward with Matthew Speaks | Audio Only

April 16 (BBS Radio Spanish)

Free Remedies for Shedding and the shots; Messages from Mermaids and Mermen | Audio only

April 16 (BBS Radio)

with Ted Mahr and guest Mary Rodwell |Audio Only

April 11 (Radio Sol International)

Guest: Psychic LJ (Louise Jones); Famous UK psychic (German English) | Audio only

April 9 (BBS Radio Spanish)

Guest: Suzanne Ward| audio only

April 9 (BBS Radio)

Guest Nori Love | Audio Only

April 4 (BBS Radio)

Guests: Diane Frank talks about meeting Fairies in the forest and Reiko and Anthony Federoko, Angel healers from Japan (German-English) | Audio only 

Apr 2 (BBS Radio)

Messages from Pleadian Admiral Hallisouris & celebration of 50+ million listeners |Audio only

Apr 2 (BBS Radio Spanish)

Guest: Dr. Lee Merritt |Audio only

Mar 28 (Radio Sol International)

Guest: Dr. Rev. Christopher Macklin (German-English) | Audio only

Mar 21 (Radio Sol International)

Guest: Guests, Billie Woodard &  Zorra from the Hollow Earth – German-English | Audio Only

Mar 14  (Radio Sol International)

Guest: with Ted Mahr & Billie and Zorra from the Hollow Earth part 1 – German -English | Audio Only

Mar 12 (BBS Spanish)

James Armstrong (Telos and Mt. Shasta| Audio only 

Mar 12 (BBS Radio)

Guests: Dr. Lee Merritt and then Judy Cali | Audio Only

Mar 7 BBS Radio

Guest: Charlie Cardinal, the ingredients within the covid vaccines German-English | Audio Only

Mar 5 (BBS Spanish)

Ascension with Ted and Carolyn White ; Implants; Guarding against Psychic Attacks| Audio only

Mar 5 (BBS Radio)

Ted talking about the Ascension, with messages from JFK the Pleadians; Galactic Wisdom Conference| Audio only

Mar 3 (BBS Radio)

Upcoming Galactic Wisdom Conference | Audio Only

Feb 26 (BBS Spanish)

Australian Protests with Amanda Newearth from Canberra| Audio Only

Feb 26 )BBS Radio)

Ted and Carolyn White on the Ascension; Dr. Julie Ponesse interview ()| Audio Only

Feb 21 (Radio Sol International)

Guests: Dr. Lee Merritt and Canadian Truckers (German-English) | Audio only

Feb 19 (BBS Spanish)

Agustine and Santos Maccha, Inca Shamen doing Gazpacho peace ceremony from Cusco, Peru| Audio Only

Feb 19 (BBS Radio)

Ted on the Galactic Wisdom Conference, with Gordana Biernat (www.mypowertalk.com)| Audio Only

Feb 14 (BBS Radio)

Guest, Deborah Stelfox, Traveling with Ted Mahr, trusting your heart mind, shifting to the power of love (German-English Show) | Audio-only

Feb 12 (BBS Radio Spanish)

Agustine and Santos Maccha, Inca Shamen from Cusco, Peru talking about world peace. | Audio Only

Feb 12 (BBS Radio)

Galactic Wisdom Conference with Carolyn White and Canadian Truckers, with Report from Italy, and interview with Dr. Erwin Laszlo (https://ervinlaszlobooks.com) and Dr. Maria Sagi (www.mariasagidr.com) | Audio Only

Feb 7 (Radio Sol International)

Interview with Canadian Truckers & Dr. Lee Merritt  (German-English Show) | Audio-only

Feb 5 (BBS Spanish)

Hopi Clean Water Fundraising Efforts with myself and Michiko Hayashi, Carolyn White, Martha Childress, Leon McLaughlin, and Nancy Rivard|Audio Only

Feb 5 (BBS)

Canadian Truckers interview from Ottawa, Canada| Audio Only

Jan 31 (BBS)

Interview with Dr. Ervin Laszlo, Trump praises Canadian Truckers | Audio Only

Jan 29 (BBS Spanish)

Dr. Gary Hull on Nutrition (www.garynull.com) with Canadian Truckers| Audio Only

Jan 29 (BBS)

Pia and Cullen Baird with messages from Laarkmaa from the Pleadians (www.laarkmaa.com); Interview with Dr. Gerald Pollack, famous water professor (https://www.pollacklab.org/)| Audio Only

Jan 24 (Radio Sol International)

James Armstrong & Adama (German-English Show) | Audio-only

Jan 22 (BBS Radio)

JFK and Martin Luther King messages for march on Washington DC against mandates; Interview with Aage Nost and Lori Love, Mastermind Radio |Audio Only

Jan 22 (BBS Spanish)

Amanda Newearth from Australia (www.amandanewearth.com)

| Audio only

Jan 17 (BBS Radio)

Assorted guests (German-English Show) | Audio-only

Jan 15 (Spanish)

Celebration of Dr. Masaru Emoto and his Messages from Water, with myself and Carolyn White | Audio Only

Jan 15 (BBS Radio)

Emmanuel Itier, Randy Hold | Audio-only

Jan 8 (BBS Radio)

Dr. Carolyn White, Dr. Daniel Nagase, Dr. Mel Bruchet | Audio-only

Jan Erik Karstenson, Dr. Daniel Nagase, Dr. Mel Bruchet | Audio-only

Jan 3 (BBS Radio)

Randy Hold (German-English Show) | Audio-only

Jan 1 (BBS Radio)

Donald Newsom, Aage Nost | Audio-only