Christine Light

Christine Light is an energy worker whose sole mission is to help people raise their vibration and find Harmony. She is the creator of the Hollow Earth Headbands also known as Crystal Lemurian Headbands. 

Five years ago while listening to Zorra of Hollow Earth speak about how to make these helpful headbands, she wrote everything he said down and laid it on her desk and forgot all about it. About a month later, deep in her heart there was a strong desire to create these crystal Headbands for others. She called Billie/Zaraya and Zorra and let them know her desire. “It was a phone call I will never forget,” says Christine. “It was the feeling of being chosen and a great energy accompanied me and still does to help create these incredible high vibrational tools”. That was the beginning of her realizing that she can hear Zorra telepathically speak to her.

A few years later after making the Headbands, Billie/Zayaya and Christine created the New Goddess Headband. It is the same powerful tool, just more feminine and lighter in weight. Christine tapped into the universe for guidance on the design. In this same way, she also (while wearing her headband) was able to receive a special formula to help with EMF and restoring Harmony in the body known as the Quick Restore Harmonizer. It has also been called a transmutor and a revitalizer by others. *Two of the main ingredients in the Harmonizers Shungite and Quartz = are known for those qualities.

This special formula is a combination of her research/ knowledge of crystals, shungite, orgone, energy, quantum physics, purification as well as grounding and Earth’s energy frequency. This unique formula that was given to her can be made into many shapes and sizes. On the call she will describe more about how you can use these Harmonizers in your daily lives for yourself, your family, even your pets!

The Headbands work so amazing with a Harmonizer! Hold a Harmonizer in your hand while focusing/meditating and you will find it helps you focus faster and deeper quickly. Reiki Masters and massage therapist report it allows deeper/faster relaxation in their clients.

Harmony should be our Number #1 goal while we are here 🙂

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November 8, 2019