Eric Raines

In 2012, Eric had an intense download and activation followed by a massive etheric attack. This first encounter led Eric on a path to seek information and understanding about what had happened to him. Through his research and growing daily spiritual practices, he found answers about this experience, though more importantly, he began to hone his natural talents and was able to begin removing these implants from himself and others.

Since then, he has developed a style of energy work that he could teach to others to use as tools to add to their own practices, to free themselves from this system, to truly unleash natural humanity.Eric is a specialist in removing negative Alien implants and parasite removal. He can also help people achieve their full, natural potential with his healing and spiritual techniques. He is very, very good at what he does!

Eric is called to teaching as many as he can. As a decoder of this hidden esoteric knowledge, Eric considers it his duty, his life’s purpose, to share this information with the world, to free all of humanity¬†from the ravages of this system and to help create a world filled with Love and light.

His email is:

December 7, 2018 (starting approximately 19:55)