January 22, 2016

On this special broadcast of Out of This World Radio, Ted channeled messages from some very great and powerful spirits from the other side, including President John F. Kennedy, Professor Albert Einstein, Dr. Masaru Emoto, Michele De Nostradamus, J. Robert Oppenheimer, Mahatma Gandhi, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Ambassador Terwellian of Galactic Alliance of Interdimensional Free Worlds.  As an introduction to the re-broadcast, he has channeled these messages:

President John F. Kennedy
“The forces which cut my life short in 1963 still control the US and the world, but their power is declining, and I know that there is a very bright and happy future for humanity! It is our destiny for the people on this planet to become a loving, benevolent society living in harmony. The time has come for us to create the bright, beautiful future that I know that all of you want!”

Professor Albert Einstein
“If I had known that the forces unleashed by my discovery of the nuclear bomb could destroy the world, I would have never become a scientist! But there are bright times ahead for all of humanity, and we have to realize that we are all co-creators with the Supreme Being to create a beautiful planet, based on love and respect for each other. The time for wars and fighting has ended, and the planet will not allow us to destroy this beautiful place!”

Dr. Masaru Emoto
“I am very proud of all of my office in Tokyo, including my son, Hiro, my scientist, Dr. Yasu Nemoto, and my beautiful assistant, Michiko, for all of their efforts to continue my work on love and gratitude in making this world a much better and much happier place! Although there are some negative entities on this planet who would like to stop their work, the destiny of planet Earth is to become a much happier and better place, based on love and gratitude, but all of us have to play a part in co-creating this beautiful future for ourselves, our children, and our children’s children. Thank you Michiko, Hiro, and Yasu from my heart for helping to spread love and gratitude on planet Earth! I am always with you, helping you in every way I can!”

Michele De Nostradmus
“I am sitting at my wooden desk now in December 1540; it is cold outside and I have a fire going to keep me warm. The air in my home is smokey, and I am sitting here with a quill and an ink pen… I am rewriting all the quantrans (passages) which did predict a Third World War and armegeddon, because the time line changed in March 2011, with Fukushima, and now there will be no Third World War and no armegeddon. Despite the best efforts of an evil cabal and their Reptilian allies to create tragic events, they will not be successful. The good news is that they will not be successful in destroying this planet with yet another war, but humanity has to become much more responsible, and everyone should realize that they all have an important part in co-creating this new bright and beautiful future for this planet!”

J. Robert Oppenheimer
“When I first saw the atomic bomb explode in New Mexico, I knew that we had opened up a pandora’s box of problems for this planet, and I totally agree with my friend and colleague, Professor Einstein, that the creation of the atomic bomb was one of the greatest mistakes that this country has ever done! But I can see into the future, and I know that the people of this world will not use this atomic technology to destory themselves, because you are are all powerful spiritual beings, destined to create a really beautiful planet, based on harmony and love!”

Mahatma Gandhi
“I used nonviolence to oust the British from my beloved India in 1947, only to be murdered at the hands of an assassin. But I can see into the future, and the destiny of this planet is to become a much happier place, based on harmony! Evil as an experiment is ending, and the conflict that we have today on planet Earth will no longer exist within a very short time. Within 20 years, war and conflict as you know it today will no longer exist!”

Leonardo Da Vinci
“My drawings of flight machines and other fantastic objects were from my ability to time travel into the future, and I can see into the future now for humanity, and your future is indeed very bright! Free energy will be available to everyone on this planet within a very short time, and the stranglehold that your oil companies have on your world economy will cease to exist within the next 5 or 10 years.”

Ambassador Terwellian,Galactic Alliance
“First, thank you for the opportunity to address all of you on this planet. We know that many of you are struggling against some dark and negative forces here on Earth, but please know that you are being helped in so many ways! Help is here, and it is only a matter of time when the negative entities and the negative cabal which controls this planet will no longer have any power. Please know that these changes are happening as fast as they can be implemented and your future is very bright! But each of you must also remember to do whatever you can everyday to create the beautiful planet that you are destined to become!”