Angels and Fukushima

Angels and Fukushima

Hello Friends!

I just returned from Tokyo, Japan where I was doing readings and spiritual prayers at Fukushima with the wonderful people from the Emoto Office in Tokyo (see photo of Hiro Emoto, Michiko Hayashi, me, and others giving prayers at Fukushima).

Ted_Emoto peopleAccording to my friends in the Galactic Alliance, spacecraft from the Galactics have been actively cleaning up the radiation at Fukushima and across the Pacific Ocean, but they have also told me that they want all of us here on the planet to help them clean up the radiation through our prayers and good thoughts. So when you read this, could you please send lots of love and light to the people and children of Fukushima? Also, could you also please say the following prayer based on the Ho’oponopono: “Water we are sorry, Water please forgive us, Water we love you, and Water we thank you!” If possible, please say this prayer three times… (see picture).

Water prayer!

On my flight, I was visited by an Angel who appeared in my window (see photo).

20160409_231231_resized_2Each of us has at least one guardian Angel around us, who helps protect us, and provides spiritual guidance and moral support whenever you need it. So whenever you feel like you are alone, or need guidance on any subject, please know that you are never alone, and that your guides are always around you.

There are 12 different dimensions. We exist in the 3rd Dimension, and Angels typically exist in the 5th and higher dimensions. Thoughts are things in the 5th Dimension, and this dimension takes precedence over things in the 3rd Dimension, so it is very important to keep your thoughts as positive as possible because your thoughts can control what happens in the 3rd Dimension.

There is no such as “death”, because when you pass over, you simply make a transition to a higher and lighter dimension. Time exists in the 4th Dimension, and in the 5th Dimension, there is no time, and thus, there is no past, present, or future – everything just “exists”. This is why a good psychic can go into the 5th Dimension, and see into the future with great accuracy. This is also why a good psychic can do what is called “remote viewing” and see into the past, present or future with great accuracy.