January 15, 2016

Hello Friends! I am so sorry that it has been some time since I have been able to write an article for “Ask Ted”

My discussion today is about a very special experience I had last week in Florida.
Last weekend, I was the keynote speaker for a very special spiritual conference called “Awakening to One”, that was sponsored by the Metaphysical Church of South Florida in Fort Lauderdale, and my television film producer friends, Patrick McCormick and Rebecca. Both Patrick and Rebecca will be helping me launch my new “Out of this World Television” program on February 14, 2016!

During my presentations, Professor Einstein came through and said that if he could do his life over again, that he would have created a “Bomb of Love” that would spread joy, love, and happiness around of this planet – instead of the “Atomic Bomb of Destruction” that has done nothing but cause the needless killing of hundreds of thousands of people at Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II and cancer and radiation deaths world wide.

As I was channelling messages from Professor Einstein, Ambassador Terwellian from the Galactic Alliance came in and said that outside of Earth, nuclear technology is illegal. Nuclear technology and nuclear bombs outside of Earth are banned, because nuclear technology can only be used for destruction. Ambassador Terwellian said that America’s original nuclear bomb was actually given to the U.S. Government by the Reptilians who wanted us to destroy ourselves.

As I was explaining this, Michele De Nostradamus came in and asked what we are going to do with our future? You see, he explained to me that the destructive World War III timeline that humanity had been on was changed right after Fukushima nearly six years ago. Then both Ambassador Terwellian and Mr. Nostradamus explained that Fukushima was a “false staged” event by some dark forces here on the Earth who wanted to help the Reptilians kill off up to 95 percent of the people on this planet, so that the they could create a small slave like population of about 500 million people to extract the resources of Earth. When the resources were completely extracted, Ambassador Terwellian said that the Reptilians would completely destroy this planet, as they have done on 22 other star systems.

The good news for humanity is that the Supreme Being (or the Creator, or God) will not let us kill ourselves, so this scenario will not be allowed to happen! This is why the Galactic Alliance stepped in about a year and a half ago and completely cleaned up the Pacific Ocean of all radiation from Fukushima and much of it in and around Japan.

Ambassador Terwellian, President Kennedy, Senator Kennedy, Dr. Masaru Emoto, Mahatma Ghandi, Michele De Nostradamus all said that humanity on this planet has a really bright and beautiful future! However, we have to do our part in creating this bright, beautiful future – paradise will not be handed on a platter to us (like it was several hundred thousand years ago).
One of my favorite charities is the Emoto Peace Project in Tokyo, which is lead by the wonderful, beautiful, witty, and talented Michiko Hayashi. (See: emotopeaceproject.net) The EPP distributes what they call anti-cancer “Angel Water” to the children of Fukushima, as well as children’s books which teach young people the value of love and gratitude. They also produce what they call “Hado machines”, or vibrational healing machines which go into the 5th and higher dimensions to help heal almost any physical or spiritual problem with great success!
These machines will actually be demonstrated at my second annual upcoming “Galactic Wisdom Conference” in Olympia, Washington on Monday June 13, 2016. The conference will go from June 10th to 13th, and if you are interested in attending, please send me an email to: outofthisworld1150@gmail.com. We are now selling tickets to the event, which will cost only $197 for the presentations on June 11th and 12th, with a separate admission price for the Hado machines on June 13th. In addition, the first day of the conference on June 10th will be free, as it was last year. The conference website is: www.galacticwisdomconference.com

When Michele De Nostradamus came through during my presentations in Florida, I saw him in a red burgandy cape and cap, in a smokey filled room. The date was December 1540, and it was a cold night in France. He was sitting there, holding his quill. He had just crossed out all of what he said were the “doom and gloom” quantrans for our future, and the parchment was blank. He told me that our future is up to “us”, and he was waiting for us to take some positive actions to create our bright, beautiful future!

I hope you will all join me in creating a positive, bright, and happy future for the people of this planet!! If you have a suggestion on how we can make this Earth a better planet, please send your ideas to me at: outofthisworld1150@gmail.com I also welcome suggestions on topics and/or guests to interview on my radio show.

I know that with everyone’s help, we can and will make this planet a much better and much happier place!!!

With lots of love and light,
for a planet that’s happy and bright!

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