October 2, 2015

Hello Friends!

I am so sorry for not writing a column for “Ask Ted” sooner, but it’s a really busy September for me! I had a wonderful UFO skywatch at James Gulilland’s ranch at Trout Lake, Washington on September 11th -13th and it was an incredible experience!!

I personally witnessed UFOs flying around at night. One lady at the ranch had a Sasquatch (aka: “Bigfoot”) visit her while she was at the ranch and I was actually present when the Sasquatch visited her! As she was walking, she noticed that the grass in front of her was being pressed down as if someone was walking right in front of her!! Even though the Sasquatch was in the 5th Dimension and could not be seen, she took a picture of the area where the Sasquatch was. I saw the picture she took – the body was reddish/purple in color with white dots for eyes and teeth. I will be having a special program on Sasquatches on Friday, October 9th, 2015 from 3 pm to 4 pm (Pacific Standard Time) and I have asked her to send me the picture so I can post it on the website for all my listeners. For everyone interested in Big Foot or Sasquatches, this is one program that you will not want to miss!!

I want to thank everyone who have enrolled in my spiritual mentoring program! For $100 a month, I will give people two full psychic readings a month and for $500 I will give people two full readings a month for six months. I have been in touch with the other side for 21 years, and my accuracy rate for readings is very high. I offer help with relationships, past lives, career choices, and contacting friends and family who have passed on. I can also teach people how to contact their angels and spirit guides. My email is: outofthisworld1150@gmail.com and can also be reached at: (509) 750-9793 or 1-888-879-8339, or by Skype at: tedmahrotwradio

In spiritual discussions with several listeners recently, I realized how beautiful it is to be alive, and what a gift this beautiful life can be!!! As with a glass of water, there are two ways to look at life – either as half full, or half empty. And if you are having a bad day, I think it’s always best to try and look at life in a positive way – like a glass of water as being half full!!

The recent full moon was very special and very magical! Wherever you are on planet Earth, I hope you were able to look at it!! I myself experienced a tremendous information download from higher angelic beings during this full moon and I am still feeling the effects! I think this beautiful, magical moon is the harbinger of good things to come for humanity!! As Michele de Nostradamus has said, the time line for the people on Earth changed about five years ago, from one of “doom and gloom” to one of a truly bright and beautiful future for humankind!

If you have any spiritual questions, please send them to me at: outofthisworld1150@gmail.com and I will try to answer all questions.

I hope you all have a really happy and wonderful day!!

With lots of love and light,
for a planet that’s happy and bright!

(509) 750-9793 or 1-888-879-8339 (toll free within the United States and Canada)