The End of Evil as an Experiment on Planet Earth

Several years ago, there was a meeting of the Dali Lama and other native American spiritual leaders in the Southwest United States, and the most important conclusion of that meeting was evil as an experiment was ending here on planet Earth. For years, I wondered what that meant, but now I know and I would like to share this very important important with everyone.

The end of evil as an experiment means that negativity and darkness is being replaced with love and light on this planet. This means that the wars and conflict on this planet are being now replaced with peace and harmony, and one of the first steps toward this beautiful spiritual transformation is the elimination of the negative Reptilian influence from Earth. I say this because last week on my radio show for the April 15th, 2016 radio show, I had Larry Durst who channeled “Adama”, the third highest priest of Telos, the Inner Earth City beneath Mt. Shasta, and Gordon Asher Davidson, a contactee of the Galactic Alliance. They both said that the Reptilians and their grey alliances had been banished from the secret UFO base at Area 51 in Nevada, as well as on the bases on the dark side of the Moon (click here for April 15, 2016).

This is really amazing and wonderful news! Reptilian influence in the United States formally started in 1934 when U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt secretly met with the Reptilians on a ship in the Panama Canal. In Germany, first contacts with the negative Reptilians started in 1931, when Nazi scientists first met with them. Once they were in this time line, the Reptilians then went back in time to approximately 9000 B.C., starting the so called “royal” blood lines on this planet, which were actually started with Reptilians who interbreed with humans. The Reptilians did this throughout the planet in order to create a hybrid race which would control humans. All of the royal families on this planet are the creatures of this hybridization.

During World War II, the Reptilians gave the U.S. Government and Professor Albert Einstein, the technology to create the Philadelphia Experiment, which made ships disappear. When World War II ended, the United States Government actively recruited Nazi scientists to come to the U.S., and as a result of those efforts, thousands of Nazis came to the United States to help establish the C.I.A. and the American space program.

When the U.S. exploded the first Atomic bomb in 1945 in New Mexico, and then again at Hiroshima and at Nagasaki, these were red flags to all life beyond this planet that we now had the capability to destroy life on this planet. Atomic energy is actually illegal outside of planet Earth, and the Galactic Alliance says that the Reptilians actually gave us this technology so that we would destroy ourselves.

Their efforts culminated in a 1954 treaty with U.S. President Eisenhower where the Reptilians negotiated a deal where they would be allowed to “study” and abduct humans, in exchange for some of their technology, in which we would use this technology to fight the Soviet Union during the cold war. This is the basis for the Reptilian controlled base at Area 51, and the bases on the Moon. However, now that the Reptilians have been driven out of Area 51 and the bases on the Moon, their influence is now gone! This is really wonderful news for humanity!

The banishment of the negative Reptilian influences from this planet is the start of a new golden age for planet Earth, where people will lean to live in peace and harmony. This is because the true nature of people is to be benevolent and loving – not full of anger and hate. Of course, there are still negative people here on the planet, and there are still so called “royal” families who are Reptilian based entities. But now that their negative masters are gone, their influence will slowly wane, and planet Earth is now on a much better and happier path. Michele de Nostradamus has said that the time line for humanity has now changed from that of World War III and destruction, to a really bright and beautiful future for of us. I welcome this change, because it means really good news for all of here on planet Earth!