Lois Berman


Lois Berman

Lois Berman, spiritualist, humorist, psychic and conversationalist, is the host and producer of “Lois On The Line” on WXBR 1460 Talk Radio, Boston, MA. The program airs live, Fridays, 3:00PM – 5:00PM EST, and replays throughout the schedule. Lois joined talk radio in 2003 and prior to that she hosted “The Psychic Mind With Lois” for Brockton Community Cable Television (BCCT) for ten years.

“Lois On The Line” is two hours of live, original and interactive programming featuring Lois Berman. Lois’ dulcet tones, insight, compassion and infectious laugh combine to make 120 healing and provocative minutes for adult listeners from all income levels. Her radio audience often approaches Lois in public and says” I know that voice”.

The consummate radio host, as skilled a listener as interviewer, Lois’ gift of intuition gives her the uncanny ability to read between the lines from guests and callers. In this day and age of desiring something more and greater, to discover and understand one’s life path and to heal from past and present life pain, Lois On The Line penetrates the programming void audiences are demanding be filled!

Leading up to her media work, Lois studied at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston University and Harvard Medical School and established a career in nursing, with specialization in psychiatric nursing. Her wealth of nursing experience plays a significant role in her work and identity as a spiritual mentor. Lois’ psychic awareness and clairvoyance development started at a young age or, as Lois says, “…ever since I can remember.”

In addition to guest interviews on other radio and television programs countrywide, Lois continues to teach and lecture.

For more information on Lois, please visit her website at: www.loisberman.com



2.27.15 (This show is shared with Phoenix Redhawk – Lois is on the last 30 minutes)






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