Jerry Bedlington

Jerry Bedlington coordinates powerful Angel Teams to balance emotional, physical and spiritual issues for people worldwide, including spiritual and thought leaders.

Jerry’s special gift allows him to deploy powerful teams of angels for angel healing in every aspect of your life and direct you to your highest good!

Sometimes referred to as an “energetic exorcist,” with his Angel Teams, Jerry Bedlington has the capability to clear energetic blockages from present and past lives, as well as to remove cords that limit you from your highest good.

Jerry specializes in changing your entire energy field to replace it with a healthy, vibrant, well-balanced field from an earlier time in your life.

Jerry Bedlington is known as a “healer’s healer” because Angel Team Healings can clear the energies healing practitioners pick up in their bodies from their clients.

The healers he helps range from medical professionals, like psychiatrists to body workers, like massage therapists and energy workers, to spiritual leaders and practitioners.

However, it is Jerry’s purpose to coordinate teams of angels to help ALL his brothers and sisters to restore order, abundance, well-being, and right relationship in their lives. So his angel healing practice is inclusive of all people, without bias or judgment.

Jerry Bedlington teaches and makes public appearances on the west coast, from his home base in Bellingham, WA all the way down to San Marcos, CA, and in major metropolitan areas including Seattle and the “City of Angels” at the Agape International Spiritual Center and the Santa Monica Friends Meeting House. There are occassional Jerry-sitings on the east coast, as well.

During these special programs, he will be bringing his teams of Angels to bring love, light, and healing to both Syria and to Fukushima.

December 1, 2017


May 5, 2017
With Michiko Hayashi


April 14, 2017

Hour One with Kana Koinuma (first 15 minutes)
Hour Two with Michiko Hayashi (first 15 minutes)