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Michiko Hayashi, is the Director of the Emoto Peace Project, representing the late Dr. Masaru Emoto who passed away October, 2014 and an expert in Hado vibrational therapy. She has been working with the Emoto Peace Project since March, 2004 first as Dr. Emoto’s personal administrative assistant and now as Director. Michiko speaks fluent English and Spanish and is an accomplished author and presenter. She has published over 10 books on “How to Study English to Pass the Test Successfully” and she translated books from English to Japanese. Michiko graduated from Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon with a foreign language major in Spanish, French and Italian.  She is no stranger to the Pacific Northwest! She worked at a language school in Tokyo for 8 years where she supervised the operation of four schools.

Michiko is a frequent guest on Out of This World and has been a co-presenter at the highly successful Galactic Wisdom Conference.

August 7, 2020

With many schools closed and parents doing homeschooling, the Emoto Peace Project has created rice experiment kits for children to show them how our thoughts can affect reality and create a much better and happier world! The kits show how positive, beautiful thoughts and words can help preserve rice for many months, while negative, ugly thoughts and words can destroy rice. The experiments prove that love is the most powerful and important force in the universe! The kits are only $15 USD (without rice jars), or $35 USD (with jars and everything you need). For more information, please email Ted at outofthisworld1150@gmail.com or or call (509)750-9793. I hope you can all listen to this wonderful and amazing program!

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