Kana Koinuma and Kaho Koinuma

Inline image 1Kana Koinuma is a wonderful light worker who uses her voice and music to uplift consciousness and create a much better and happier world! She has been a sound therapist for over 10 years, with over 20 years of voice training as a singer.  She had a very deep and profound mystical experience during a shamanic ceremony almost 10 yrs ago where she heard sacred celestial sounds and tones beyond the human realm. She was flooded with the most beautiful energy of love in and around her body.  Since then, she has been blessed with the gift to transmit these frequencies through her voice.  She has continued to cultivate this gift by going into deeper and deeper levels of the love frequency (yes love has levels) through daily sacred heart meditation practices and visiting sacred sites around the world, including the Bascilla and Mary Magdelene’s relics. For her wonderful sound work and website, please see: https://angelicsoundtherapy.com/

Kana’s sister, Kaho Koinuma, is a wonderful artist who creates mandalas that she does as an expression of love.

According to Kaho, these works “have brought on a new experience of love, deepened my commitment to serve the heart, satisfied a hunger that my soul has had for eons, many, many new realizations, and so much more.  And, it has inspired me to draw 108 mandalas, which I’ve only just begun and have no idea when I will finish, but I’ve been guided to share them here …” – see: http://www.mandalasoftheheart.com/SacredMandalas/108MandalasofLove/108MandalasofLove.html

Kaho has also created some really beautiful mandalas of Fukushima, which were made to bring love and light, and healing to this troubled area of the world.