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Friday: WWNN Miami, 6-7 PM Eastern (3-4 PM Pacific)

Saturday: BBS Radio, Lafayette, CA; 10 -11:55 AM Saturday morning
Out of This World Radio broadcasts from  on BBS radio, located in Lafayette, California. Please click on the button below to listen live during those hours.



August 8

10-10:15 AM: Prayers for Peace (every Saturday)
10:15-11:00 AM: Kevin Annett
11:00-11:55 AM: Michiko Hayashi (Emoto Peace Project)

If you miss the live Saturday shows (or wish to listen again!) replays are usually posted within 48 hours on the Show Podcasts page. In addition, please enjoy previous shows by going to the Guest Page and selecting one of our previous broadcasts.

Thanks for listening!

1 thought on “Our Next Show

  1. Tom Tassé

    HI Ted!
    Just listened to your podcast with Simon Parkes October 18, 2019. As always the topics and conversations you and Simon share are illuminating/inspiring and hopeful.
    I have been listening to Simon since 2010 and have always enjoyed his insights and perspective and knowledge that he shares with us.

    Yours and his show are two presentations that I’m sure to receive current accurate information on local and global events. I look forward to future podcasts
    Blessings to you both.


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