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I’ve had a long interest in psychic, UFOs and metaphysical phenomena. Schooled by my foster mother Teri (a master psychic), I learned how to contact spirits from the “other side” and now regularly receive and send messages to various angels and spirits in the 5th and higher dimensions. I have four degrees in five different subjects, including law, anthropology, urban planning, library science, and international economics. I have won awards for my research and writing and am a four time international scholar to India (where I received two Fulbright grants to study law) and Australia (where I was a Visiting Research Fellow at Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia).

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With the guidance of Teri and the support of friends and my angelic and Earthly family, I have advanced 16 spiritual lifetimes.

In addition, I can provide psychic and spiritual advice on almost any topic. I am available for psychic readings, remote viewing and am happy to help you communicate with your guardian angels. Part of my soul purpose is to help you have a better and happier life and to raise consciousness, so please feel free to ask any spiritual, psychic, or life questions — I’m always happy to help! 🙂

I am also available for Tarot readings.

I can be contacted by email: outofthisworld1150@gmail.com or phone: 1-888-879-8339 for further information.

I look forward to your input, your suggestions and your participation!

Ted Mahr


3 thoughts on “About Your Host

  1. John n karen

    We really enjoyed your book advice reading and for letting us know our relatives were watching over us n things would get better. May God Bless you thank you.

  2. Vivian

    Hi Ted, I just discovered your site. I love your shows with Simon Parkes – I’ve been a listener of his for several years. Your style of relating to him, and the information you offer, is super. I’ll be coming back for more.

  3. Tanya Brasch

    Hi Ted, please ask Simon if he knows if all of our ancestors or in a holding place waiting to go back to source? I know some have had to reincarnate. I have heard from the ETs from Roswell have dismantled most of the Matrix. Have any gotten through? And can they connect with us without being electrocuted again or found out. Thanks Tanya .P.S The 1,000 beings of this kind are the ones that created and gave the flowers names after there own children.


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