Tetsu Shiratori

Ted’s interview with Tetsu Shiratori on June 19, 2015


Tetsu Shiratori is one of the most famous film directors in Japan. He is the producer of one of the most famous spiritual films in Japan called “Inori” or “Prayer — Conversations with Something Great”.  Although well known in Japan, neither Mr. Shiratori nor his famous film are known in the United States.  But on Friday, June 26th, 2015, from 7 pm to 11 pm, his famous Inori film, as well as Emmanuel Itier’s award winning film, “The Innvocation”, and “Messages from Water”, by the late Dr. Masuro Emoto will be shown at the Baihi Center at:

The Eastside Baha’i Center Office
6007 NE 8th St. Bellevue, WA 98008

Proceeds from the showing of this film will go to the nonprofit Emoto Peace Project in Tokyo, to pay for the distribution and shipping of what they call “Angel Water” to the children of Fukushima, the site of the 2011 nuclear accident… Cost for tickets is $25 per person before the event, and $30 the day of the event. Checks or money orders can be sent to Ted Mahr, Spiritual Film Festival Event Organizer, 1347 Deerbrush Drive, S.E., Olympia, Washington 98513. Or by Pay Pal at: outofthisworld1150@gmail.com

In Tetsu’s own words,

“in October 2007, I was diagnosed with a brain cancer. Soon I started to lose many of physical functions that were necessary to live a life as a professional actor, voice-actor and a director of an independent film, and I was in a deep shock realizing how severely ill I was.

One day I suddenly started to feel better. I found out later that a group of children and their parents who appeared in my first documentary film, “Tamashiino Kyoiku ? the Soul Education,” got together to pray for my recovery as they folded paper cranes, a symbol of good fortune and longevity in Japan, at the exact time when I started to feel better. I was deeply touched.

This experience has led me to the research on prayer’s effect especially in the medical field. Recently, the frontier science has started to prove that prayer can go beyond the time and space and bring about great healing effects, as well as prayer and meditation’s impact on communities, countries, even the magnetic field of the entire earth.

Last year (2011), Japan has experienced devastating earthquakes, Tsunami and Nuclear Power Plant accident. This year, we have had floods, tornadoes and heavy snowfalls which have caused enormous damages. It’s not only in Japan. Floods in Thai and Korea, volcanic eruption in Chili… Our world is facing series of unordinary disasters that we have ever experienced in our history.

Our state of being is now being questioned. It is time for us to change from pursuing a life based on an ego-centric “only me” or “only my county” attitude to “us” and “our world.” That’s simply because we cannot live by ourselves. We cannot live without water or air. Life is so beautifully intertwined, and we are kept alive because of its interconnectedness. In quantum physics, “individual” hardly exists because everything is interrelated. Nothing stands alone.

We are now reaching an era where we live based on the value of connectedness, the bond. Prayers and meditations will allow us to access the universal consciousness and that will give a great impact on the entire earth.

If we, as human beings, were able to hold our hands together and pray beyond our egos, I believe with all my heart that it would bring amazing changes to this beautiful planet.

INORI (Prayer) unites us all.

Thank you.”

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