Vernon Masayesva

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Vernon Masayesva is the Executive Director of Black Mesa Trust, a Hopi Leader of the Coyote Clan and a former Chairman of the Hopi Tribal Council from the village of Hotevilla, one of the oldest continuously inhabited human settlement in the Americas in Arizona.

He received his B.A. degree from Arizona State University in Political Science and a Masters of Arts from Central Michigan University in 1970. He returned to Black Mesa of the Hotevilla Bacavi Community School, the first Indian controlled school on Hopi as the lead educator of the school systems. In 1984, he was elected to the Hopi Tribal Council and then served as Chairman from 1989. He immersed himself in the tangled intricacies of the mining on Black Mesa and the Hopi – Navajo land dispute, and is widely respected on and off the reservation.

In 1998, he founded the Black Mesa Trust and currently serves as its Executive Director.

Vernon is an international speaker on the subject of Water and is honored among many scientists, physicists and water researchers including renown author and water researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto from Japan.  Among other things, he is beginning a serious study of Hopi symbols and metaphors to understand who he is and what he can do to help his people lay a vision of a future Hopi society. As a result of his commitment to preserving our water, former President Bill Clinton honored him as an “Environmental Hero.” Charles Wilkinson, a distinguished Professor of Law at the University of Colorado said, “You will gain a strong sense of history, of millennia, from listening to Vernon, but my guess is you will also see something else —the future— for Vernon embodies personal qualities and philosophical attitudes that can serve our whole society well in the challenging years that lie ahead.”

June 29, 2017

Vernon is joined by Ernest Taho (Ernest is with the Rabbit/Tobacco clan of the Hopi Nation in Kykotsmovi, Arizona), Michiko Hayashi (Director of the Emoto Peace Project in Japan) and Martha Childress of the Natural Choice Network. The group will be talking about the importance of clean water and efforts to provide clean water to the Hopi Tribe. 


November 10, 2017

Vernon discusses Hopi prophecies for 2018, and his perspective on world events.


Ted’s interview with Vernon on January 8, 2016, followed by January 15, 2016
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