Reverend Munehisa Shinagawa

The Reverend Munehisa Shinagawa is a Shinto priest for the Nitta Shrine in Tokyo, Japan. The shrine commemorates a brave Samuri warrior named “Nitta Yoshioki”, who was able (like Moses in the Bible) to part the seas around Japan to save his people in the 14th century.

Ted_2 JapaneseWhen I visited this shrine in November 2015, while meeting with Reverend Shinagawa (in photo from left to right, Rev Shinagawa, Ted and Michiko Hayashi), I was contacted by this famous Samuri warrior to have a special Christmas show to help benefit the children of Fukushima, as well as Japan and the world. Although Nitta Yosioki died on October 10, 1358, his spirit lives on at this beautiful shrine, and is now known as the “Good Luck Shrine” and is revered by the Japanese.

In front of the shrine is a 700 year old Zelkova tree that has survived many wars (including World War II). During a Tokyo air raid during World War II, a wide area around this Nitta Shrine was burned down and this beautiful Zelkova tree is the only thing that survived.

Shintoism is known as the indigenous religion of Japan, and in ancient times, Japanese ancestors lived in harmony with nature. Ancient Japanese were grateful for the preciousness of life surrounded by nature, which continues from generation to generation. They believed that all life force created everything and contained the spirit of God. Thus, the purity of nature, such as mountains, rocks, trees, and waterfalls contained a spirit, and became objects of worship.

With the introduction of Buddhism and its rapid introduction in Japan in the 6th Century, Japanese beliefs developed in various ways and started to be called “Sinto”.

The philosophy of Shinto is to preserve nature like a sacred forest, and to live in harmony with nature. Messages from Nitta Yosioki, this famous 14th Century great samauri warrior, will be channeled on air on what the world should do now to clean up Fukushima, and to especially how to treat this beautiful Mother Earth with the respect and kindness that she deserves!

Michiko Hayashi

Joining as the translator during this interview from 3 pm to 4 pm will be Michiko Hayashi, the Global and U.S. Director of the Emoto Peace Project in Tokyo, Japan. As part of her duties, Michiko provides what the Emoto Office calls “Angel Water” to the children of Fukushima to prevent them from getting cancer. Originally discovered by a Russian scientist named Dr. Igor Stravinksy, the water originally came from a spring at Chernobyl, where people found that those who drank this water did not get cancer!

In addition to these duties Michiko also distributes the children’s version of Dr. Masaru Emoto’s famous book, “Messages from Water”, which teaches children between the ages of 3 and 12, the value of love and gratitude. The theory behind teaching children the value of love and gratitude is that by the time that they are adults, they will no longer be interested in fighting endless wars, or engaging in crime, but instead would live in harmony with each other, to create a new, peaceful planet!

Ted’s interview with Rev. Shinagawa (Michiko Hayashi translating) on 12.18.2015