Ted Mahr – Healing the Planet

Ted shared additional messages from Mother Mary, Mary Magellan, Albert Einstein, Albert Einstein, Pleadian Admiral Halisarus, Jesus on our bright, future and the Ascension (which is happening right now!).

Admiral Halisaurs says: “The entire universe is watching you now for you are the best and most exciting show around. We owe a karmic responsibility to you.  52,000 years ago we had a long civil war among our peoples and both of us left the Pleades to come to Earth. We were escaping conflict among the Pleadians is one reason.  Another is there was a nuclear war and 60 million of our Pleadian civilization were killed. Others were able to escape in large mother ships. Both myself and Jill were on those mother ships that came to earth.  After that time we left you alone for 10,000 years. We shouldn’t have advocated our responsibilities to help you. We chose to help although the Universe has the prime directive of leaving planets alone, of non interference to allow their own evolution.  The Reptilians stepped in at this point and took over your planet earth. They cannot be allowed to succeed because the planet is slated for ascension. Also after the Reptilians and Kabahl have murdered thousands of people we are here to help you with the ascension until you succeed. We will join you on the planet after the ascension in physical form. We are proud of your spiritual progress and are here to help.  Call on us anytime during this crucial time”.

Mother Mary says: “Love to Humanity.  We are all beaming with light at this monumental time.  The foundation has been set and it is truly glorious. We are grateful to all the ascended masters that chose to return to earth and assist during this time.  We are pouring our love out to you all. Time as you know it will cease to exist in the new vibration. Many there are holding space in the 5th dimension of love for the planet now. Waves of energy are being sent to your planet and many are feeling it.  Take notice of the beauty around you and remain in a state of love, grace and gratitude. Remain steadfast and you shall succeed”.

Ted also talked about the healing work now being done by  Michiko Hayashi of the Emoto Peace Project in Tokyo, Japan with special Hado vibrational codes! She is using the same technology that the famous Dr. Masaru Emoto used to successfully treat over 10,000 people before he passed away in 2014. Hado means “vibration” in Japanese, and Dr. Emoto found that everything is vibration or Hado. He discovered that if you correct the vibration, you can treat, diagnose and heal almost any physical or spiritual condition. Planet Earth and its people need all the healing they can get from so many years of abusing and misusing this beautiful planet. Michiko has been trying to heal the entire planet and all of humanity, in preparation for the Ascension!

During the last part of the program, Betty Steinhauser from Toronto, Canada talked about her new book, In Search of Spiritual Intelligence. Contact Betty atbetty.steinhauer@gmail.com 

I hope you can all read her fascinating and uplifting book!

Healing the Planet show replay: 04-10-2020