Health and Wellness Hour

June 17, 2016

Health and Wellness Hour, with Michiko Hayashi (Global Director Emoto Peace Project), Robbie Holz (famous Australian Aboriginal healer), Erika Fehr (Effective Microorganisms Distributor for Washington State, see:;04;200804l), and Martha Childress (Radio Talk Show Host for the Natural Choice Network, KKNW 1150 Am, Seattle/Bellevue, Tuesdays 12:30 pm to 1 pm — see:

Michiko Hayashi spoke about how karma affects your physical and spiritual conditions, and how these conditions can be corrected with Hado machines. Michiko also played a wonderful new musical song called the “Fairy of Water” by a talented singer and writer, Katsuaki Ikehata who lives in Fukuoka, Japan.