Greg Sullivan

Gregory Sullivan is a professional sound designer and freelance writer, who has lived in Japan since 2003. He coordinates JCETI  (Japan Center for Extraterrestrial Intelligence)– a research organization that is currently working to expand awareness about positive human futures, ET Disclosure and benevolent ET contact in Japan. Greg has been active in Japanese TV and print media for more than 10 years. He focuses on helping to introduce cutting-edge ideas into Japanese social awareness regarding a new outlook on ET contact, and the overarching implications of recognizing an ET presence on Earth. His publications include a chapter in “Paths to Contact” and in Japan “The Space People will Appear Right in Front of You” and an online essay series on web magazine “Cocorospirale”.


Ted’s interview with Greg on 11.13.15


Ted’s interview with Greg and James Guilliland on 7.10.15

(Greg regularly takes tour groups from Japan to visit the ECETI UFO Ranch in Washington State.)

JCETI can be reached at and on Facebook at JCETI. Contact email:

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