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Donna Seebo is an author, publisher, speaker, renowned mental practitioner, counselor, teacher, broadcasting personality and host of an international daily talk show her schedule is a busy one. A woman of many talents little did she realize that psychic mind skills would take her on a journey of discovery, travel, and interacting with thousands of people from around the world.

The world of the paranormal became normal in Donna’s life due to a serious of experiences she had when she was in her twenties. She learned to accept this intriguing, fascinating environment of new knowledge by taking classes and becoming involved in activities that developed her mind skills. After years of public work, teaching classes, working as an assistant minister she was ordained as a Spiritualist minister.

It was in the early 1980’s that Donna and her family moved to the Pacific Northwest. She was invited to appear on a local radio station to demonstrate her skills of mind and the positive impact was so great she ended up being a local media personality. Record numbers of callers would consistently jam the telephone lines. Her non-sensational approach continues, even today, to fascinate and delight her listening and viewing audiences. She is repeatedly asked to come back for additional appearances.

Through the years Donna hosted her own television and radio programs but in 2001 a long time dream of having a daily radio show came true. Today her programming is heard around the world via the Internet reaching unlimited amounts of people, something that modern technology has made possible. She interviews people from around the world, all walks of life and various economic, professional and social levels. Personal empowerment is her theme and listeners love to hear her tell her stories as well.

Donna is a gifted psychic and the host of her own wonderful radio show called “The Donna Seebo Show”, which broadcasts on the internet six times a week.

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