Professor Guiseppe Vitelio and Michiko Hayashi

The Importance of water

February 28, 2020 show replay: Hour One
February 28, 2020 show replay: Hour Two

Michiko Hayashi of the Emoto Peace Project, Tokyo, Japan and Professor Guiseppe Vitelio from the University of Salerno, Italy (who has written an appeal to the United Nations for the inclusion of the Right to Water and Air in the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights) are my guests for this very important subject: water.

Dr. Vitelio currently has the signatures and support of many scientists, including: Prof. Noam Chomsky MIT; Prof. Luc Montagnier, Nobel Prize for the Medicine 2008; José A. Mayoral Murillo, Rector of the University of Zaragoza, Spain; Prof. Jerry Pollack, Seattle University, Washington State, USA; and by about 60 scientists from several Countries.

Air and water should be a basic human right and not owned by any one government or corporation. To sign his petition, please go to:

Michiko and other healers and UFO people will be speaking at my Galactic Wisdom Conference in Olympia, Washington on March 13-15, 2020. I hope you can all come to this world class healing event!