Daniel Sheehan

Daniel Sheehan, is the the president and co-founder of the Romero Institute and the former president and co-founder of the Christic Institute. Carrying degrees from Harvard College and Harvard Law School, Daniel has helped lead more than a dozen lawsuits of historic importance, including three Supreme Court cases.

Among the lawsuits Mr. Sheehan has joined are as follows:

  • The Pentagon Papers Case (New York Times Co. v United States)
  • Eisenstadt v. Baird
  • In re Pappas: Branzburg v. Hayes
  • The Watergate Burglary Case (United States v. George Gordon Liddy, et al.)
  • The Wounded Knee Trials
  • Morton v. Mancari
  • The Karen Silkwood Case (Silkwood v. Kerr McGee)
  • The Three-Mile Island Case (PIRC v. Three Mile Island)
  • The American Sanctuary Movement Case (U.S. v. Stacey Lynn Merkt, et al.)
  • The Greensboro Massacre Case (Waller v. Butkovich)
  • The Iran-Contra Affair (Civil) Case (Avirgan v. Hull, et al.

Among other projects, he is currently helping the Standing Rock Sioux Nation in their efforts to stop the the Dakota Access pipeline, and the battle isn’t over. He writes that the “oil has not yet begun to flow, and it’s not too late to stop the pipeline’s passage through our sacred lands. Please send a message to your representatives in the House and Senate that we, the people, will not accept the presence of this dangerous pipeline without diligent environmental oversight previously requested and promised”.

Mr. Sheehan’s legal work has helped expose the structural sources of injustice in the United States and around the world.

Daniel currently lives in Santa Cruz, CA and teaches at the University of California at Santa Cruz and is the author of a memoir, The People’s Advocate.

His website is: http://www.romeroinstitute.org/about/daniel-sheehan/

March 31, 2017 interview