Winston Shrout

In his words, from Winston’s website :

WinstonShroutAfter graduating from college with a degree in psychology – with little hope of getting a paying job – I supported myself and my family by working as a carpenter in the construction industry. For the most part, I enjoyed the work I was doing, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that I had another “true calling”. Over time, I began to notice that in my daily interactions with the world of commerce there were many inconsistencies and contradictions. Eventually, I found myself drawn to studying the history, origins and foundational concepts related to commerce. I began to understand that the commercial world we deal with every day is often not what it appears to be. And like many things in life that take time and effort to fully understand, at a certain point it became clear to me that my life’s work would focus on helping other people understand the truth about how commerce really works.

I have to admit…there are a couple of important life concepts that took me awhile to understand. First, many of the things we encounter in our lives are not always what they initially appear to be. And second, discovering the truth about something doesn’t always happen quickly or easily. Based on personal experience, and many years of observation, these two concepts seem to apply equally to things out in the world as well as people and situations close to home. Understanding these concepts has played a big part in my growth as an individual and as an educator.

The products and seminars I offer were created so that people could easily find information related to how commerce really works – information that is often difficult to find and sometimes even harder to understand. These DVDs, CDs and Seminar Events are designed to inform, educate, and support those who are committed to gaining a true understanding of commerce. They offer people the widest possible range of educational material to study, which ultimately allows them to be far more successful in their lifelong interactions in commerce.

To make the educational material more relevant and meaningful, I focused on three things:

  • Offering a substantial number of topics, appropriate for people just getting started as well as those who are farther along.
  • Providing material that could be studied independently and at your own pace.
  • Offering public and private seminars where students could hear about my latest research and where I could answer specific questions about the educational material.