Shelly Stockwell Nichols

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On this week’s Out of this World Radio show on Friday, July 1st from 3 pm to 4 pm (Pacific Standard Time), I will be interviewing Shelly Stockwell Nichols, the President of the International Hypnosis Federation in Los Angeles. Shelly is a Hypnosis/Coach/Counseling Instructor, and the author of 18 books, including:

• “WIN: Coaching Guide For Yourself and Others”
• “HYPNOSIS; Put a Smile On Your Face and Money In Your Pocket” (also in Russian)
• “DENIAL IS NOT A RIVER IN EGYPT: Overcome Addiction, Compulsion and Fear
• “TIME TRAVEL; The Do-It-Yourself Past Life Journey Handbook”
• “SEARCH FOR COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS, Hypnosis Book Einstein Would Have Loved”
• “Stockwell’s HYPNOSIS DICTIONARY SCRIPT BOOK” (download Amazon)
• “Stockwell’s GREAT SHAPE HYPNOSIS Instructor’s book”
• “THE MYSTERIES OF (Magnificent) YOU!” (download Amazon)
• “Insides Out”
• “Sex and Other Touchy Subjects”
• “Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Everything” (with McGill)
• “AUTOMATIC WRITING AND HIEROSCRIPTING; Tap Unlimited Wisdom and Guidance”
• “McGill’s HYPNOTHERAPY ENCYCLOPEDIA” (Contributing Editor)

She has appeared on appeared on hundreds of radio and TV shows: ABC, NBC, BBC, Letterman, Donahue, The Other Side, Good Morning Australia; L.A. Times, First Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, London Daily News, the National Enquirer.

She can be contacted at phone 310-541-4844, or by email at

July 1, 2016

During the show, she channeled a very wise Native American spirit named “Red Feather” who will talk about the U.S. and the world, and the things we can do now to make this world a much better place!