Sharon Kleyne

Sharon Kleyne, respected leader of new global water research and technology that supplements body water lost to evaporation, was the first to recognize the link (now universally accepted by scientists and medical professionals) between diseases and water evaporation of earth’s and the body’s water vapor. While others ignored the importance of water, Kleynemade the vital discovery that the moment a baby is born a process of dehydration due to excessive water evaporation begins and continues until death. As body water evaporates from birth, susceptibility to sickness and disease rises. Reviving a body’s water vapor by drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water every day and by supplementing with a new Water Life Science® lifestyle technology of 100% pure water is the only way to defeat sickness-and-death-inducing water evaporation. “The outer body,” Kleyne declares, “is as thirsty as the inner body.”

Kleyne, her co-founder, husband Willem Kleyne and dedicated investors have courageously invested millions of dollars developing new technology previously unknown in the world and acquiring worldwide intellectual property to prove that the water evaporation crisis is real and that water lost to evaporation poses a growing global threat to all life. Kleyne wants everyone to know that earth’s atmospheric water vapor is the basis for all life, including human life. Water vapor is the breath of life. As temperatures and pollution increase and healthy humidity decreases, organisms that once absorbed moisture from the air now lose an increasing amount to water evaporation. The resulting water evaporation crisis threatens all life on the planet. Kleyne’s valiant personal mission is to educate the public about this crisis and to discover new water technologies and new water lifestyles that could benefit every individual by supplementing their water-evaporating organs with 100% pure water.

Sharon Kleyne created and launched Bio-Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science® in 1986 to focus exclusively on water evaporation and water in the atmosphere; it is still the only company in the world dedicated to pure water as a profitable commodity. Her state-of-the-art research center globally specializes in proprietary intellectual property and technology relating to a portable personal, hand-held humidifier delivering a patented micron-size of water mist to supplement dry eyes and soothe symptoms that lead to blindness, which experts agree will be out of control by 2030. The sole ingredient in all Research Center products is the Trade Secret, all-natural tissue culture grade water, proven to be ideal in pH, purity and solute content for compatible absorption by human eyes. Kleyne owns 32 global patents worldwide for the micron-size of water that is necessary to water mist and supplement dry eyes. A native of the scenic Rogue River Valley and lifelong resident of the picturesque city of Grants Pass, Oregon, Kleyne joined the historical ranks of pioneering women entrepreneurs in the U.S. by courageously developing new water technology and New Water Life Science®. She is also the only entrepreneur create a successful business in medically accepted 100% pure water.

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January 11, 2019