Shane McMinn

Originally from England, Shane McMinn is an excellent Canadian psychic who has been receiving messages from the other side since he was a little boy. He writes, “having experienced otherworldly happenings from a young age, myself and my family would visit the local spiritualist church in the 1980’s. My parents were heavily into spiritualism and my younger sister was psychic also. My parents developed their own abilities over time and my father became a trance channel.

In recent years i have been combining the study of spiritual philosophy with meditation privately and within groups and have been attending open and closed circles. My own psychic abilities developed over time into mediumship which enabled me to give messages to others from their deceased loved ones. Both in open and within a closed circle, to small audiences and on a personal one to one basis.

During 2011 the mediumship developed further into semi-conscious telepathic channeling and i began to channel information through from higher cosmic sources within open circles and meditation groups.

In 2016/17 i wrote ‘The Asylum’ after investigating further, the information that i had channeled for my 2013 book entitled ‘Spirituality from the Stars’. What i found was truly shocking and it is an expose of the current situation upon planet Earth and the ongoing spiritual war between the dark forces and those of the ‘light’.”

He can be contacted on Twitter at: @shane_mcminn