Runa Guorun Bergmann

Runa is one of Iceland’s most famous and fascinating psychics who talks to the Elves and the people of the Hollow Earth in Iceland. The Elves actually inhabit a mountain called “Snaefellsjokull” outside Reyklavik, the Capitol of Iceland, and there is actually a special Icelandic government official who negotiates with the Elves when roads are built, so new roads do not disturb their homes. They live in the rocks so the Icelandic government is very careful when building new homes, roads, or any new structures. She has over 20 years of experience with the Elves and Hollow Earth people, who live in the higher dimensions. She has written over a dozen books on the Elves and the Hollow Earth people of Iceland.

I hope you will enjoy her fascinating and amazing interview!  Runa’s website is: and her email is:

In June 2020, I will be returning to Iceland to meet the Elves and the Hollow Earth people of Iceland with Runa – if you would like to come along, please email Ted at:

July 26, 2019