Robert Roy

Robert Roy is a very spiritual man, who distributes the Black Salve from Two Feathers, a Native American Indian formula that has been used successfully for cancer, tumors, herpes, diabetes, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, allergies, viral diseases, yeast and fungal infections, parasites, Lupus, moles, liver detox, vaginitis, worms and skin cancer. Also used as a powerful preventative remedy and detoxifier, once or twice a year.

Two Feathers Formula is a unique formula that has reached through time, over several hundred years, to meet the needs of an ailing civilization today. It is like a time capsule sent to us from a distant past when knowledge was more of the Spirit than of the intellect. There is a great sincerity and respect for this formula at every stage of its preparation. Those who handle the compound, including myself, feel blessed to be a part of an age-old rite that is indeed very special. Still produced in the original Native American manner, each herb is cured in smoke ovens and mixed in wooden bowls. Metal is never allowed to touch the formula as it would destabilize the electrolysis process provided by the components in the compound.

Susan Liberty Hall successfully used the formula to heal from breast cancer, and she wrote a book about her experience called “Ha, I laugh in the face of cancer”.

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