New Library for the Hopi

This show is about my efforts to raise money, books, and computers for a new library for the Hopi Indians in Arizona. On a recent trip to visit the Hopi, I realized that they did not have any library – they have a bookmobile service, but no main library where people can read books and share information. There is a great need for a basic library for the Hopi where they could share their beautiful knowledge, arts, and culture to both themselves and to the outside world.

Establishing a library will also help them perpetuate and preserve their beautiful knowledge and precious culture. If you would like to donate books, computers, and/or any funds to this effort, please email me at or call me at (509) 750-9793.

Spiritual books and books on Native American culture would be especially appreciated.The Hopis are an ancient people, and they have many messages on humanity’s future – we can either love and take care of our beautiful planet, or end our species with war, pollution, and destruction. See: I hope you can all listen to this important show!

May 10, 2019