New Ascension Messages

Psychic Jill Tower and I will be channeling new Ascension messages from Albert Einstein, President John F. Kennedy, Benjamin Franklin, President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Nostradamus, Archangels Michael and Gabriel, Chief Running Bear, Chief Seattle, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Pleadian Admiral Halisaurs (in charge of the 2 million ships now circling the planet), and Jesus!

They all say that the Corona virus will no longer be a threat by the end of May, with things returning to a new normal of Ascension into the higher dimensions by the end of May/early June 2020. Welcome to the beautiful New Earth my friends!

As Jesus says: “This is the end of times as you know it. Those that choose to go through the planet’s ascension will be entering into a beautiful reality full of opportunities and spiritual advancement. I would ask humanity to ready themselves by forgiving one another including families, neighbors and those that you perceive or judged to have done wrong. Also forgive yourselves. Help one another and be of service to them. This is the time to reflect and let go of the old in preparation for the new. Unwanted negativity across the planet will be released and removed as you release, forgive and heal making way for the surging of a higher vibration. Love one another and yourself. Fill your heart space with unconditional love and allow the overflow to spread out across the planet helping all those people that may need it now. Anything is possible with Love. I will always be here helping mankind and have never left you. Ask and you will receive.

Nostradamus says: “You are coming into a time when all things as you know them will change. Change sounds scary to some but this change will be so beautiful for you. You will be existing/living in a quantum reality with unlimited potential. Your world will be a brighter and better place. Open the floodgates for this energy is flooding in. Sit back and enjoy it. Living in this new quantum state will last for thousands of years. Your planet will become a supermodel for other civilizations across the galaxies. Prepare to see life through the Supreme Creator’s eyes and be in true wonderment. Life is a journey and yours has just begun.”

I guarantee this program will be truly OUT OF THIS WORLD! I hope you can all listen!

Show replay: April 10, 2020