Ned May

Ned May is an expert in Islam, the Counterjihad, European political issues, immigration, and related material. Mr. May will be talking about Syria and other related issues, and how the American public is being mislead and fed totally wrong and misleading information about the conflict in Syria.

Ned May is the co-proprietor (along with his wife) of the Gates of Vienna blog (, which focuses on Islam and the Great Jihad, particularly in Europe. Before taking up blogging he was a mathematician, a computer programmer, and a landscape artist. In the last few years he has devoted his attention to assisting the development of Counterjihad networks in Europe. When he is not blogging, he works as book editor. In his spare time he mows the lawn at his home in Central Virginia.

Mr. Mae’s website is:

April 14, 2017 (starting around 15 minutes past the hour)