Lynn Williams

LynnWilliams2Lynn Williams is a Psychic Transformational Life and Spiritual Guide & Coach. She has been an Empath (the ability to feel other people’s emotions) and Claircognizant (the ability to simply “know” things) since she was a child. She utilized these gifts to build several businesses from scratch and to help her become a top senior management recruiter in the corporate world for 25 years, as she was able to accurately assess whether a candidate was the right person for the job based on the “unseen” parts of the personality.

Since her profound spiritual awakening in 2010 by ETs, whereby her other psychic gifts of feeling, seeing and hearing into the other realms was instantly activated, Lynn has focused her life on helping others to awaken their inner gifts and heal from emotional, mental and physical trauma. Her ability to connect with and feel the emotions of people and animals, combined with her healing hands and voice, has helped numerous people and animals live happier and more fulfilled lives. Lynn is gifted with “insight” and also has the ability to activate awakenings within people with her voice. She “downloads” messages for her clients directly from Source, and has helped many people resolve and heal from issues that have plagued them for much of their lives. She also works with people, pets and horses as an Energy Healer.

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Interview with Lynn on 3.18.16