Lynn Fishman

LYNN-FISHMAN-BIO-PHOTO-IN-SCRUBSLynn Fishman is a health and wellness advocate, and spiritual counsellor, writer, teacher, registered nurse, advisor and social media correspondent for the SSF-IIIHS International Wellness Conferences.  Lynn Fishman is a licensed nurse, an early adopter of holistic, integrative health care, a spiritual counselor, meditation instructor, human rights advocate, writer, and teacher.

She is the advisor and social media correspondent for The SSF-IIIHS International Conferences on Science and Spirituality in Montreal, Canada. This conference features 60+ professionals, pioneers, and influencers from diverse fields of complementary medicine, quantum science, wisdom traditions and much more. In the last two years alone, this summit has featured the likes of Dr Eben Alexander, Nassim Haramein, Dr Patch Adams, Dr Raymond Moody, CNN reporter and Vanity Fair contributor Judy Bachrach, and other well known individuals.

Lynn brings wisdom from over three decades of service as a spiritual light worker. She applies her knowledge of medicine and spirituality to her life mission, which is to educate people about multi-dimensional living and making health of mind, body, and spirit a priority.

Having assisted patients who were transitioning to the spiritual planes, including both her parents, Lynn knows the deep pain and sorrow of this experience. This is a sacred spiritual time, where the veil is opened to other dimensions, in preparation for the departing soul. We can work with this understanding in different ways, including calling on spiritual helpers who are close by.

Lynn believes life is a continuous movement through minor and major changes in preparation for that big leap back home. Adaptability is key.

Lynn has developed a resource of power techniques for greater resiliency. This is called S.O.R.T. (Science of Resiliency Training) which will be available in early 2017. This series merges science and spirituality into a set of high impact tools for greater self awareness, calm, clarity, and creativity; fully opening to your potential.

Over the years, Lynn has had the privilege of speaking with leading thinkers in the fields of quantum science and spirituality. This has reinforced her belief that we are part of one interconnected whole. Everyone contributes to the collective awakening.

She will be helping to organize and coordinate the 41st Annual SSF-IIIHS International Wellness Conference in Montreal, Canada.   Our next annual international conference will take place in the beautiful city of Montreal, Canada from 08/12-08/21 2016. You can meet Lynn, as well as 60 other speakers in the fields of science, complimentary medicine, quantum science, nutritional science, light therapy, spirituality and so much more. Tap in to expert speakers for health, wellness, and personal transformation. You are guaranteed to walk away with tools to live your best life.  Lynn’s facebook page is at:  And the website for the 41st Annual SSF-IIIHS International Wellness Conference is: