Kerry Clancy

Spiritual Channeling, Intuitive Guidance & Healthy Lifestyle Counseling

After a near-death experience, Kerry received a calling to help others on their spiritual path. She was given clear messages to share her teachings and wisdom in order to guide others in following their true path to self-realization. It was at this time she knew that healing was her true life’s purpose.

A mother of three children, Kerry has a degree in Human Services and previously worked as a social worker and counselor in her native Australia, where she served her community by helping others overcome anxiety, depression, post partem & relationship issues, and worked in addiction intervention as well.

Since her near death experience, Kerry has trained in many healing modalities, including Reiki, Chakra Meditation, Oneness Blessing, Chrystal Healing Therapy, Hatha Yoga and Tibetan Singing Bowl Healing Therapy and was recently certified as an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant, gaining knowledge in Yoga Therapy, Marma Therapy and Chakra Therapy with Professor Padmanabhan from Kannur University (India).

In early 2011 Kerry suffered from a severe surgical medication reaction that resulted in her near death experience. Kerry miraculously survived and experienced what can only be described as an ‘awakening’. Her experience gave her the awareness, knowing and spiritual guidance to connect with spirit guides and supreme energy, her ‘higher self.’ As a result, Kerry now makes divine connections where she channels spirit, giving her and her clients a deep level of understanding at a soul and heart level in order to heal.

A private session with Kerry may focus on conversation or hands-on therapy, depending on the need of the individual, as she draws from her varied spiritual toolbox. Healing Sessions are always Intuition based and can incorporate Reiki, Sound Healing, Crystal & Marma Therapy, Oneness or Mindfulness Meditation, Gentle Yoga, Ayuvedic Lifestyle and/or Spiritual Counselling.

After an initial consultation/intake, Kerry will cater her private sessions to the individual’s needs, covering physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects to re-balance the body and mind, its energy centers, in order to inspire the individual to implement healthy shifts in their daily life, to promote a state of overall wellness.

It is Kerry’s wish to help each individual achieve and maintain a happy and joyful state of health, and create a lifestyle that supports the essence of who are they really are. She is based in Bali.

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May 4, 2018