Joshua and Adam Bigelsen

An interesting discussion about Holographic Blood with brothers Joshua and Adam Bigelsen, where they discuss their work and the work of their father Dr. Harvey Bigelsen. Dr. Harvey Bigelsen, author of the best-selling book, Holographic Blood, found that your blood could reveal life saving messages about almost any physical or spiritual condition, and thus, save your life.

They write, “due to the awakening to the collective consciousness via the Law of Attraction, health is changing dramatically because people are taking full responsibility for their physical and emotional well-being. This is historic and unlike anything we have ever experienced before. People are telling modern medicine what is wrong with them prior to being diagnosed, choosing to be their own primary care directive rather than the physician. One thing we have known for many centuries is that the body knows more about your health and emotional well-being than someone outside of your body. A simple slide of blood reveals scientific theories known for centuries through the brilliance of such heroes as Jean Baptiste LaMarck, Antoine Bechamp, Guenther Enderlein, Albert Einstein, Willhelm Reich, Masaru Emoto and many more”.

For the last 15 years, Joshua Bigelsen has been working side by side under the precision training of his father, the famed Harvey Bigelsen. He lectures, teaches workshops and does individual educational training and consultations.

CFO Adam Bigelsen provides latest research studies and current technology to keep their method in the forefront of Holographic Blood readings. As an educator, Adam has helped to develop the curriculum used to teach these methods. Adam is also a music teacher and is involved in the world of sound therapy. In addition, he lectures and teaches workshops with Josh and their sister Lila.

Harvey Bigelsen is an M.D., former Vietnam trauma surgeon and is the co-author of the Arizona Homeopathic Medical Practice Act. This law gave Homeopathic Physicians equal status with Allopaths and Osteopaths. Harvey was a founding member and first president of the American Holistic Medical Association. In 1986, the Hans Nieper Foundation awarded Harvey Bigelsen the Person of the Year, recognizing his work as the most influential for the advancement of natural medicine in the United States.

Over the course of his 25 years of research, Dr. Bigelsen has learned how to interpret images created by the blood in order to understand a person’s total health. He has found that blood, like water, is a messenger of a person’s emotion and consciousness. This is exciting and spectacular research and my hope is that it will be shared with the world.” Dr. Masaru Emoto

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 (Joshua and Adam’s interview starts 24:10 minutes in, Scott Lemriel precedes them at 14:50)