Joa Janakoaya

Inline image 1Joa Janakoayas is the President of the University of Mt. Shasta in Mt. Shasta, California. He has two Masters Degrees in Spiritual Psychology from the University for Creation Centered Spirituality and from the University of Santa Monica. He is the originator of Accelerated Healing with the Chakra Oracle. He is also a graduate of the Coaches Training Institute and a Certified Yoga Instructor. He will be talking about the plans by Crystal Geyser to pump millions of gallons of water from Mt. Shasta and sell it without any environmental review, and how citizens are standing up to Crystal Gesyer’s plans to privatize sacred local water supplies.

His website is:


See also: “Troubled Waters: Mt. Shasta Neighbors Vs. Crystal Geyser Co.”

June 30, 2017