Jo Sheval-Iskra

Based in Australia, Jo Sheval-Iskra has her own wonderful radio show called “Awaken With Love

She is a Creative Manifestor, Artist, Designer, Mystic, Storyteller, Animal-Nature Lover and thriving after healing herself naturally from breast cancer. Along with building a successful web & design agency, Jo spent years engaging in formal studies, diplomas, workshops, research papers, articles and journals on countless subjects to help quench her insatiable thirst for knowledge.

As a true Mystic, Jo has a strong understanding of the power of nature, which remains a reference point in seeking the truth, being in harmony with the land, it’s animals and translating the wisdom and teachings to assist humans in personal growth and well-being.

Throughout Jo’s long career she has developed true wisdom through hands on experience assisting people and horses find better pathways of communication and relationship. Jo enjoys regional living with her herd of horses in the picturesque Yarra Valley in Australia, running workshops around equine relationship and hosting world thought leaders and trainers.

A life with horses has given Jo the opportunity to explore the relationship between horse and human and the incredible life lessons horses teach us, such as leadership, love, integrity, stillness and flexibility to name a few.

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