James McMath

Inline image 1James McMath is the President of Pristina Water Company, which is located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Both James and his wife, Sabine, began their journey when they launched a natural health retail business called “Emerald Earth”, once they discovered that a profound discovery had been made in the field of beneficial microorganisms – more popularly known as “probiotics”. This all-natural breakthrough in microbiology could rapidly cleanse and restore the vital health of the planet on all levels – for the water, air, soil, plants, animals, and people. In Mr. McMath’s words, “it was then that we discovered the works of Dr. Masaru Emoto with his ability to photograph water crystals on the molecular level. We began offering many of Dr. Emoto’s books and products through his son, Hiro Emoto, who was living in Los Angeles at the time”.

He writes that “the Emoto’s are big fans of the beneficial microbes, which can rapidly restore the health of the environment on multiple levels – including water. Through our mutual-shared interests, Sabine and I became good friends with Hiro and his wife, Jamie, and we eventually met each other a few times in Los Angeles. They introduced us to the realization that when water is exposed to pollutants and processing, the hydrogen molecules become unstable and the water structure will no longer form crystals. Understanding that water molecules operate much like a battery that need to be recharged when energetically depleted, I began researching and designing differing methods for revitalizing the H₂O molecules in order for the water to become alive with the vital energies of chi or prana or what the Japanese call “hado“.

For most of his adult life, James’ primary aspiration has been to “think the way nature thinks“, if healthy solutions were going to avert our environmental crises. In Mr. McMath’s words, “so I began observing the way that solar rays recharge water molecules while suspended in their vaporous state of being clouds. In time, the answers came to me primarily while in meditation. I had Dr. Emoto test my revitalization methods at his IHM laboratories, and it became clear from the vivid photographs of our earliest samples of Pristina Water that I had “broken the code” for keeping water highly crystallized on a consistent and ongoing basis. As a result, I made a promise to myself to use this new knowledge for the greatest good as a catalyst for human health and environmental quality purposes”.

James now has a wonderful water company that implements his ground breaking ideas and theories of water into producing energizing and life changing water products – see: www.drinkpristinawater.com

December 23, 2016
“We Are One” see https://www.youtube.com/
A special Christmas program with wonderful messages for this season and the new year based on the YouTube video “We Are One”. James is on for the first 15 minutes.


October 28, 2016; the second hour is shared with Michiko Hayashi.