International Water Conference

This show features Ted broadcasting live from the Thirteenth Annual International Water Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria with some of the world’s greatest water scientists.

Ted is a member of the press committee for the conference, and he will be interviewing some of the world’s greatest and most famous scientists on exciting new scientific breakthroughs including the memory of water and how information copies of substances can be easily transferred anywhere in the world via by the internet.

For example, new drugs to cure AIDs can theoretically be transferred to every country in Africa within seconds, blanketing the entire African continent with medical help via the internet. IC will revolutionize the production and new drugs with the internet. Also, water has memory and this memory can be used to make water based organic computers.

Ted will be discussing these revolutionary and incredible new discoveries with some of the world’s greatest scientists, including University of Washington Professor Gerald Pollack, Dr. Glen Reid on the memory of water, and many others.

For further depth and insight, please see this article from “New Water Memory Research May Lead to a Better Understanding of Homeopathic Medicine”

I hope you all can listen to this truly Out of this World radio show!

October 18, 2018