Intention Experiment & Prayers for Australia

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January 3, 2020: Prayers for Australia |_Dr. Gerald Pollack
January 10: Galactic Wisdom Conference 2020 | Peru | Prayers for Australia

On Friday, January 3 my guests and I performed an intention experiment to stop all the fires and to bring rain to all of Australia. In July 25th, 2014, I did a joint intention experiment with Dr. Masaru Emoto where we did prayers and sent love and light to the Israelis and the Palestinians to have a 12 hour cease fire to exchange food and medical supplies. Within a few hours after our intention experiment, the Israeli’s and the Palestinians spontaneously agreed to a 12 hour cease fire to exchange food and medical supplies for the wounded, so our intention experiment worked! So we will doing this again to help the people and animals of Australia this Friday!

Joining me on the show is Michiko Hayashi, the Director of the Emoto Peace Project, who was Dr. Emoto’s Administrative Assistant before he passed away in 2014. She will be doing special prayers for Australia to bring rain and stop the fires. Joining Michiko will be Angela Light, a shamamic healer with experience from Peru who will be doing ceremonies to bring rain to Australia. During the Lemurian and Atlantean ages of Earth, the “soul practitioners of first Mu and then Atlantis engaged in mass-mediation sessions involving hundreds, thousands, and occasionally millions of participants. The psychic power generated from these single-minded assemblies went beyond anything experienced before or since. Levitation of otherwise immovable objects, psychokinesis, communal telepathy, remote viewing, metaphysical healing, the shifting of space and time, prophecy, interspecies communication, interdimensional travel …” were all possible with mass mediation (see: Frank Joseph, Atlantis and the Coming Ice Age, Bear and Co. c.2015. p.152).

I am asking everyone to do prayers to stop the fires and to bring rain to all of Australia. In addition, please donate to anyone of these charities to help people have food, water, and shelter:

  1. St. Vincent de Paul
  2. Salvation Army
  3. Australian Disaster Appeal

Particle beam weapons are being used in Australia like they were used in Paradise and in Malibu California in November 2018 to kill as many people and animals as possible. Approximately 480 millions have been killed. But we can stop these harmful fires with our prayers and good intentions. We all are powerful spiritual beings who are stronger than the dark forces trying to destroy this beautiful planet. Together, I know we can make this world a much better and happier place!