Emma Louise Livingsoul and Chrysilla Lewies

Messages from the Galactics!

Emma Louise Livingsoul lives in Norway; however she is actually from the Andromeda Galaxy, and has had lifetimes in Arcturus and in other benevolent star systems. Emma Louise Living Soul is a nurse and a conduit of living source wisdom and knowledge. She is a teacher of life wisdom, writing spiritual stories for children of all ages. She also has memories from lifetimes around the galaxy, among them Andromeda, Micha, where she trained as an Avatar of Light. A keeper of the elements, which her specialty is the communion with water.

She and her friend Chrysilla Lewies, an incredibly gifted psychic from London England, will be channeling messages from benevolent star beings on the Ascension process and how we can make this planet a much better and happier place!

June 14, 2019