Dresden Cosmic Awareness Conference

This is an interview with Ulrich Schnitzler, Saskia Voigtlaender, Jan Erik Karstensen, and Emma Louise Livingsoul who will be coming to my Cosmic Awareness Conference in Dresden, Germany on November 9th and 10th, 2019. Ulrich Schnitzler is a lightworker and activist with an extensive knowledge of what is going on the world today; he lives in Koln Germany. Saskia is a lightworker and spiritual artist who writes and publishes wonderful children’s books in Dresden, Germany. Jan Erik Karstensen is a lightworker with extensive knowledge of the ascension of the planet; he lives in Olso, Norway. Emma Louise is from the planet Mica, as well as many other planets (including the Andromeda Galaxy) and the Supreme Creator of the Universe. She is a living multidimensional being.

The cost for the conference is just 107 Euros for the two day event, or 57 Euros for each day. To register and more information, please email me at outofthisworld1150@gmail.com

July 19, 2019