Dr. William Mount

Inline image 1Dr. Mount graduated from the University of California, Berkeley in 1980 as a Forester. After spending four years in Forestry, he joined the Army as a Private, and then graduated from Officer Candidate School 1986. Dr. Mount later left the Army and stayed in the Army Reserve. He then graduated from Humboldt State University in California with an MS in Natural Resources in 1990 after finding a CURE for a tree disease. In 1997, he was released from the reserves in 1997 after being disabled from the effects of Lyme Disease.

Dr. Mount has been active in helping other military veterans get Social Security Disability for Reservists and National Guardsman injured in the Gulf War, as well as for Agent Orange. He is a psychic and famous film maker/video specialist with tens of thousands of people following his YouTube channel. Dr. Mount lives in Tacoma, Washington. He is an amazing man, and his interview should be really out of this world! See: http://drwilliammount.blogspot.com/

October 14, 2016