Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe, M.D.

Ibrahim Jaffe MD has pioneered Medical Spiritual Healing (MSH) worldwide. Medical Spiritual Healing integrates the secrets of Sufi Spiritual Healing with traditional western and complementary medicine. Over 100,000 people have received benefits from MSH Healers and professionals worldwide have been certified in these methods helping individuals uncover the psychological, emotional, and spiritual causes of their disease. Dr. Jaffe is Chancellor of the University of Medical Spiritual Healing. He is also a spiritual guide (Murshid Murabai Ruhi) within the Sufi Tradition.

The University of Medical Spiritual Healing (UMSH) specializes in teaching a unified holistic approac- Panel – Near Death Experienceh to healing the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual elements of disease. Anyone can learn these methods and all are welcome. The MSH University offers a three-year program in self-healing, professional certification and spiritual transformation. MSH incorporates 3 components: medical knowledge, subtle-energetic medicine, and spiritual awareness with connection to the Divine wisdom to heal disease and suffering.

Professional healthcare practitioners, spiritual seekers and individuals wishing to learn how to enlighten their heart are perfect candidates for the University.  Students from around the world (5 continents) have studied with Dr. Jaffe and have incorporated his healing method and spiritual teachings within their lives often facilitating miraculous results.

Dr. Jaffe’s website is: www.drjaffemd.com

February 22, 2019 (30:30)